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Full Spectrum organic Hemp oils & balms.

Thanks to Hemp oils and balms are truly unique. Thanks to Hemp is about giving people an option to help maintain their Endocannabinoid health. Thanks to Hemp oils and Balms have a full range or terpenes and flavonoids which add extra value to our products.

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What is Hemp Oils?

When it comes to utilising the benefits of Hemp Oil, full spectrum Hemp Oil’s use the whole plant and all the associated cannabinoids gives it advantages over pure Hemp Oil isolate. Prior to 2015, it was thought that Hemp Oil isolate was a better option due to its concentrated nature. However, a 2015 study by the Lautenberg Centre for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem discovered that greater levels of relief could be achieved with full spectrum Hemp Oil.

Hemp Oil Uses

Hemp Oil may help with: Analgesic – Relieves pain. Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth. Anti-Diabetic – helps lower blood sugar levels. Antidepressant – Relieves symptoms of depression. Antiemetic – Reduces vomiting and nausea. Anti-Epileptic – Reduces seizures and convulsions. Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically. Anti-Insomnia – Aids with sleep. Anti-Ischemic – reduces the risk of artery blockage. Antipsioratic – treat psoriasis. Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.

Thanks to Hemp

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