We all know that the hemp plant is truly amazing and has the power to help both humans and animals. Our goal with Thanks to Hemp is to bring happiness & love to so many in need. Thats why the Thanks to Hemp team are heading off to the Hemp Health and Innovation (HHI) Expo this weekend to launch their new product range of Hemp Oils.

The new Hemp oils are packed with the power of natural anti inflammatory ingredients, leaving you with a soothing and refreshing feel which may help reduce pain and discomfort in joints and muscular aches. For the balms you just need to apply a small amount to your skin and store in a cool place when not in use.

We are also launching a hemp oil product for pets. Hemp Oil Full Spectrum RAW may provide your pet with an energising effect & may also assist with inflammatory related disorders, ears, coats, eyes, joints, nails, teeth and even help their mood. Pets (especially horses & dogs) can also be treated with Hemp Oils to improve their health and address many new and ongoing health issues, and in the right dose Hemp Oil can work for most animals you care for. Why wouldn’t you want to look after your best friend?


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