A customer recently talked through their experiences on getting started & how the full spectrum hemp oil helped them with their health. Specifically writing about stress, anxiety & sleep.

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It can be a bit of a learning curve when starting out with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil such as finding the right provider, getting an understanding of the benefits and the buzz words such raw, decarb and phytocannabinoids .

Some other common questions are:

  • Whats the best type of oil to take?
  • How much do I take?
  • Whats the best time of day to use?

Here are some testimonials we recently received from customers:

My Inflammation is finally coming down after years of having an autoimmune disease called ‘birdshot’. I’ll be back

FiCustomer Feedback

I used your Raw Oil during the day and it’s helped my clarity and even my energy. I have given some to my brother who has depression and I have certainly noticed a difference with him.

DaveCustomer Feedback

“Thank you, Thank you! Hi, I take the Raw Oil in the morning (I feel it’s energising).

DonnaCustomer Feedback

I couldn’t completely close my fists for the last year due to the onset, I think, of arthritis. I can now close my hands with the balm

RobbieCustomer Feedback

The balm is just gorgeous

AdrianaCustomer Feedback

I use the Decarb for sleep & it worked wonders for me…….Love you guys

KimCustomer Feedback

Geeezzzz yous guys have helped me. I feel better than ever. My anxiety has calmed down thanks to the decarb. 5 stars

CliffCustomer Feedback

Wow the DECARB really has helped with my pain and sleep. Blessings!!

JohnCustomer Feedback

Thanks to Hemp

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