When we do any exercise, sport or fitness training we usually feel it in our muscles afterwards. Some fitness workouts like weight lifting and other high impact sport can leave us sore for a few days.

The reason for this is due to microscopic damage to our muscle fibres. Our muscles become inflamed which in turn sends messages to our body to repair. These messages or tiggers are what causes our muscles to feel sore or stiff. The good news is, once these tiny micro-tears in muscle fibres are repaired it allows the muscle to grow back stronger!

While the muscles are in this healing phase it is an inflammatory response & thats where Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can come into play.

For those who workout every day and push their bodies to maintain greater fitness may find that introducing Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into their lifestyle helps with the healing process. They may notice a difference in inflammation and muscle stress after a workout. One customer commented recently:

“Usually after I play a game of tennis I’m a little sore in the evening & the next day. I took Uplift & Recover the morning before I played & found I still had more energy after the game. Plus, I didn’t feel sore that evening or the next day, the difference was very noticeable!”

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For those who do weight lifting and other high impact sports may have found that full spectrum hemp oil helps that aching kind of feeling, which maybe the inflammatory properties helping to manage & prevent joint inflammation.  Full Spectrum hemp oil may help suppress the inflammatory response, along with the neuropathic pain that athletes may experience. It may also help improve sleep quality and sleep is very important for recovery after exercise.

If you’re interested in trying hemp oil to see how it may help with fitness recovery;  Thanks to Hemp has 2 products one oil (Uplift & Recover) & one balm (Healing Balm).



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