The therapeutic qualities & benefits of the Cannabis plant have been spoken about for a long time. Whats exciting is that recently, there has been a surge in interest from the scientific community looking into how substantial these claims are.

In labs around the world scientists are investigating the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids (the active components of Cannabis) & the benefits are being rediscovered.

The Laboratory of Cancer Biology & Cannabinoid Research at the Technion University in Haifa, Israel have discovered that different combinations of cannabinoids can destroy the cells of different cancers.

Here’s an exciting extract from a recent paper:

Our preliminary data shows that several Cannabis extracts are very potent in killing tumor cells. We found that different strains (each with a distinct cannabinoid composition) have differing yet deleterious effects on various tumor cell lines. The most potent, anti-proliferative, and/or pro-apoptotic Cannabis extracts to matched cell lines will be used as models to further elucidate the Cannabis components’ mechanisms of action. Our lab group recently discovered two new pathways that have been activated by Cannabis extracts in cancer cells and this work is a major research interest in our lab.

Read full article here: https://dmeiri.net.technion.ac.il/research/cancer1/


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