Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 5000mg natural, pure extract.

"Wow! Helped my pain & sleep. Blessings!"
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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Benefits


Try our Chill & Focus.
May help Anxiety, Sleep, Pain & Inflammation


Try our Chill & Focus.
May help Anxiety, Lack of Focus, Pain & Inflammation


Try our Uplift & Recover .
May help with Depression, General wellbeing, Inflammation & Sports Recovery

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All-natural Full Spectrum Oils offering high quality that you can trust.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. 5,000mg. Lab Tested

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100% Organic; NO sprays, or chemicals used

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Assists in maintaining endocannabinoid health

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Naturally occurring compounds with no psychoactive effects.

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Thanks to Hemp oils and balms are truly unique, giving people an option to help maintain their Endocannabinoid health. Thanks to Hemp oils and Balms have a full range of Phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids which add extra value to our products.

Chill & Focus

Our Chill & Focus Oil has Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Decarb) and may have a calming effect. It may help anxiety, sleep, pain & inflammatory issues.

Uplift & Recover

Our Uplift & Recover has Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Raw) and may have an Energising effect. It may help depression, general wellbeing & inflammatory issues, making it helpful for sports recovery.

For general body maintenance most people would use Uplift & Recover (Raw) in the morning /Afternoon and Chill & Focus (Decarb) at night.

Chill & Focus Testimonials

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

I use the Decarb for sleep & it worked wonders for me…….Love you guys

KimCustomer Feedback

Geeezzzz yous guys have helped me. I feel better than ever. My anxiety has calmed down thanks to the decarb. 5 stars

CliffCustomer Feedback

Wow the DECARB really has helped with my pain and sleep. Blessings!!

JohnCustomer Feedback

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